feature1 treehouse
The main house with:

  • 3 bedrooms,
  • 2 ½ baths,
  • a pull-out couch-bed in the den,
  • a sofa in the living room, and 
  • a sofa in the book loft.
The “tree house” with:

  • 1 bedroom,
  • 1 bath,
  • a sofa,
  • a blow-up mattress, and 
  • one “group room.”
*** and over 300 acres of wide open or tree-covered places to pitch a tent or sleep under the thousands of often visible stars.


There is something about the place that makes an impression on its visitors, leaving them longing to return, and sooner rather than later. Indeed, Brinson’s Race seems to inspire all who visit. Inside the main home, among the many antiques, are numerous pieces of original art, much of it inspired by the place itself. Brinson’s Race has inspired creativity in other mediums as well, including a musical composition by the acclaimed composer, Frank J. Oteri. It is a three movement piece, for trumpet and string quartet, aptly named, “Brinson’s Race.”

Outside the home, there is peaceful, natural beauty to be found year-round. And the skies, no matter the season or the weather, hardly ever disappoint. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, there is almost always something beautiful to see, not only around you, but also above. To give you an idea, we have provided the gallery below.

All images © Laura O. Biering

Other available accommodations in the area are as follows:
The Coleman House Inn, an Historic Bed and Breakfast
Edenfield House Inn, Bed and Breakfast
George L. Smith State Park